Visualizing back pressure and reactive streams with akka-streams, statsd, grafana and influxdb

Currently reactive programming is getting more and more attentions. With reactive programming it is possible to easily create resilient, scalable and fault tolerant systems. In this article we'll show some examples of reactive programming, and more specifically how backpressure works in practice. For this we'll use akka-streams since I really like the Scala and Akka programming model, and they have a great DSL for defining flows of data.

Building a REST service in Scala with Akka HTTP, Akka Streams and reactive mongo

At the end of last year I wrote a couple of articles that showed how you can use to create a Scala based REST service () and how to create a websocket server with Scala, Akka and reactivemongo (). I wanted to explore the REST server part a bit more, but found out that at the end of 2013 was acquired by typesafe, and would be integrated with the Akka stack.