Access the Twitter REST API (v1.1) from Scala and Java using signpost

If you've read some other articles on this blog you might know that I like creating visualizations of various datasets. I've just started a small project where I want to visualize some data from Twitter. For this I want to retrieve information about followers and profile information directly from twitter. I actually started looking for a set of all twitter accounts, but could only find one that was two years old.

Hot code replace for scala / scalatra with free JRebel

One of the (many) advantages of working with the Play framework is that you can start the server and have your changes automatically reloaded. This makes developing much easier and much less frustating. Recently I've started experimenting with scalatra as a lightweight framework for creating REST APIs. Even though there is some standard rudimentary support through sbt:

HTML5: Render urban population growth on a 3D world globe with Three.js and canvas

In this article I'll once again look at data / geo visualization with Three.js. This time I'll show you how you can plot the urban population growth over the years 1950 to 2050 on a 3D globe using Three.js. The resulting visualization animates the growth of the world's largest cities on a rotating 3D world.

Remote opera debugging on android

The final article on remote debugging web applications on mobile devices shows how you can do this using Opera Mobile. With Opera Mobile you can easily debug web applications running on Android, without needing an USB connection (b.t.w you can also debug web application on firefox without USB). In this article I'll quickly walk you through the steps required to setup the debug connection.