Bamos is a simple server that allows you to collect events from various sources and show them as various graphs in a gadget server. Events can be sent to this server using a simple JSON message, and using a simple GET operation can you query the events that are stored. This tool was developed while writing the book "SOA Governance in action". The reason to create this service was that there aren't any tools out there that can be easily used to visualize information about services and applications in your landscape. The tools that are out there are either very focussed on a specific product and don't allow the creation of new widgets and gadgets, or the tools focus only on the monitoring aspect (e.g. Nagios), not the visualization part.

With the Bamos server you can do the following things:

  • Easily use with existing services, tools and environments. You only need to be able to send a simple JSON message over HTTP
  • Use a set of opensocial compatible gadgets to visualize the events
  • Integrate with Activiti to show information on business process execution
  • Use with Mule (or other ESBs) to provide you with real time metrics
  • Advanced event processing possible through the use of Esper
  • Show policy compliance by using information directly from the WSO2 registry
  • And much, much more

For instance you can create a gauge that monitors the percentage of services that have documentation added to them in the WSO2 registry:

For more information on how to create gadgets and use processors see the following pages: