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Running a minimal Kafka instance on K8S

A couple of days ago I ran into an issue with our hosted Kafka environment, and we had to give a demo. So I was looking for a quick way to run a simple ephemeral Kafka instance on our kubernetes cluster. I looked around a bit, and couldn’t find one...

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My 10 goto terminal commands

There are a lot of useful terminal/shell commands which can make your live a lot easier. I do a lot of backend development, and there is a set of commands which I use a lot during development, testing or operations work. So maybe this list can introduce you to a...

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Standalone Apollo Graphql Websocket Subscriptions

This is just a quick article on how to create a simple standalone Apollo client to test Graphql subscriptions. I needed something like this when we ran into some strange issues at work, where our Graphql backend (Kotlin) and Apollo React frontend stopped working, or got into a refresh loop....

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Getting started with Rust - part 2

In the previous article I started experimenting with Rust and build a very simple extension to git, which helps me remember the most recent branches I’ve been working on, or did PRs for. For this second article, I wanted to do look at how you can do network programming in...

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Getting started with Rust - part 1

I decided to look a bit into Rust. I’ve been hearing great things about it, the community seems to be (mostly) very inviting and open, and the language in itself seems to have a nice mix of modern features (lambdas, boxed types, extensions), while still allowing for low-level systems programming....

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Running puppeteer headless with extensions in docker

Puppeteer (https://github.com/puppeteer/puppeteer) is a great way to write scrapers, integration tests, or automate boring tasks and web forms. For a lot of scenarios you can run puppeteer, which wraps Chrome, using Chrome’s headless mode. That way you won’t see a browser window popping up, and chrome just runs as headless...

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