This visualization shows how the interest rates for the 10 year government bonds has changes for the countries in the Eurozone from 2009 to 2012. This interest rate can be seen as an indication of the financial stability of a specific country. If this rate is very high, it's very hard for a country to refinance it's debt. This currently shows data to the 6th of July 2012. You can drag the slider around at the bottom to see the interest rates visualized in the map. You can also use the controls in the right top corner to start/stop an animation and speed/slow the animation. While dragging or when the animation is running, interesting events that occured during the crisis are shown at the bottom of the map.

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This timeline uses SVG, WebGL and RequestAnimationFrame and will run best on the latest Chrome versions of Firefox versions. It hasn't been tested on IE. The basic layout for this timeline was recreated from the guys at The interest rates are based on information from Bloomberg. The 3D countries are transformed from SVG and used map material from wikipedia as its source. For more information on the technology behing this visualization look at