Visualizing CPI: Custom View

On this page you can make your own visualization. Just select the countries from the list on the left, and you'll see the visualization showing the selected countries. You can save or share your custom configuration by copying the "share this configuration" link. The following links are examples created using this page:

Select countries to include:

Included countries:


Use the following link as a reference to this configuration: "Share this custom configuration". You can share this configuration by just sharing this link.

Corruption overview for custom countries from 1995 to 2012

If you hover your mouse over a ring segment the score for that country will be shown. You can also select the country you want to see from the menubar at the top. If the country you selected is present in the selected year, it will be automatically selected.

Corruption trend for custom countries from 1995 to 2012

The graph shows all the selected countries over the period 1995 to 2012. At the right hand side, you can see a list of selected countries. Hover over a country and it will be highlighted in the graph.