Visualizing: Corruption Perceptions Index

On this site you can play around with the data from They've collected, over the last 17 years, information about how clean or corrupt a specific country is. On their site you can view maps that show this information for a specific year. However, it's not possible to view information over multiple years in an easy manner. For instance, if you want to know how Italy has done with regards to the other European countries over the last decade, you had to manually look at the various maps and tables.

I've created this application, based on their data, to make it easy to play around and visualize this information over this 17 year period. In this application you can find the following sections:

World view

Throughout the years has increased the number of countries in it's research from around 50 to almost every country. In this view you can see a single ring representing all the countries available for that specific year.

Areas View

In this view the countries are shown based on their geographical location. The areas are divided into: "EU and Western Europe", "Eastern Europe and Central Asia", "Americas","Middle East and Nothern Africa","Asia and Pacific" and "Sub Sahara Africa".

Country view

If you want to see how a specific country has progressed throughout the years, you can use this view. This view allows you to select a single country and see a line graph of the data that is available.

Custom view

The most interesting view if you want to play around with the data yourself. Here you can select a number of countries you want to include in the ring and explore their trends over the last 17 years. Besides a ring representation, a line graph is also provided to see the trends for the selected countries.