Space Invaders: Swat'em and headbutt'em!

This game uses the webcam to capture movement and renders this movement on screen. The goal of this game is to move in front of the webcam and only try to hit the red space invader. If you hit one of the others that one will disappear, but you won't get any point. In total there are 5 rounds to play, for a maximum of 90 points. After each round you've got a couple of seconds to sit back before the next round of aliens come. This game requires a current version of Chrome or Opera (or a nightly build of firefox might also work) For more information on the techniques used see the article here:

Based on: "... show Perception we revived a sign technology of yesteryear to create an anagram-finding experience on the streets of New York. Made up of over 40,000 physical dots spinning from black to white at 15 times faster than originally designed to, the screen not only reflects back a unique image of anyone walking by, but allows you to actually hear those movements thanks to its mechanical nature." -