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Welcome to Smartjava.org. My name is Jos Dirksen, I currently work as independent contractor for Equens a large European payment provider. I like talking, reading, presenting and writing about technology. You can contact me at josdirksen@gmail.com. On this website you can find additional information relating to the books I've written:

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Dynamic component loading with Angular2: replace $compile

Just a quick article to show how you can do dynamic compilation in Angular 2. In Angular 1 we had the $compile directive, which we could use to programmatically compile a string and resolve any directives and other variable interpolations. In angular 2 there isn't really an alternative for this and we have to jump through some hoops to get the same behavior.

Scalaz features for everyday usage part 2: Monad Transformers and the Reader Monad

For the second article of the "Scalaz features for everyday usage" we'll look at the subject of Monad transformers and the Reader monad.Let's start with Monad Transformers. Monad transformers come in handy when you have to deal with nested Monads, which happens suprisingly often.

Scalaz features for everyday usage part 1: Typeclasses and Scala extensions

Most of you have probably heard of the great Javascript book: Javascript the good parts. In the same light I'd like to show some stuff from Scalaz which are really great to use in everyday projects, without having to dive into the (at least for me) scary inner workings of Scalaz. For this first part we'll dive into a number of useful typeclasses. In future parts we'll look at stuff like Monad Transformers, Free monads, Validation etc.